2 August 2018

Photo Story 2

     Common tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius), found relaxing in my garden.

     Hello everyone, Good evening!!
     This was captured from my garden today evening. 
     Around 6PM, I was having tea with my mom & dad, relaxing in our front yard. While enjoying my dad's ginger tea, I was following this tiny one flying around my garden, finally coming to rest on my hibiscus plant. I thought it came for a tiny meal from the hibiscus flowers & will be on its way. 
We were sitting a few feet away chatting & that didn't seem to bother this beautiful bird. It looked like it came there to rest for a while.
     I stood up, went in to get my camera & tried to get near the bird to take photos since I don't have a telephoto lens.
     A brave little one; it was posing for my photographs. I was just a feet away with my scary looking camera gear & this one wasn't afraid even a bit. It was too dark, and I had to resort to using the flash to capture this one; at the same time worried that the flash might scare it. 
     And oh, it proved me wrong & it was like, "Hey girl, will you stop bothering me & let me have some peace. Can't you see that I'm trying to sleep here!!".
     Well, if you grow lots of flowering plants, keep feeding the birds & leaving them water in the harsh summer; even the wild birds might come to relax in your presence. 
     A bit of love from a tiny visitor, happy day indeed.


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