26 October 2020

Photo Story 4

      What you are is a reflection of your inner self 

      This was during a road trip with my parents, a 3 hours trip going through villages around Tirunelveli, India. Took this photo in a pond by the side of a busy road connecting two towns. 
      We were on the way home when I saw a pond filled with beautiful water lilies. And I just had to click some.
So we stopped our car farther down the road under a tree and I walked back to the pond. It was a scorching day, the sun mercilessly shining down.
      And there I was with my camera, no coolers, no hat and trying to get a good angle for my shot. As usual I got some weird glances from the people passing by. 
      I was shooting at the lowest ISO and still the shots were a bit overexposed. I don't have any filters. And happy that Photoshop could salvage things from Raw.
     It is really a happy feeling when you can get a good shot despite the conditions being so poor. 

Image Details:

Shot on Nikon D750 with 24-120mm zoom lens.
Focal length 112mm
Shutter speed 1/1000 sec
Aperture f/4
ISO 100

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23 February 2020

First Solo Trip of 2020, Bannerghatta Biological Park ♥

      Hello, good evening!!
      Hope you all are having a good day. It has been a while since I posted anything in my site, I know. I won't lie and say I've been busy. I have just been lazy!! That said, I wanted to post something new and so this travelogue (about my trip to Bannerghatta Biological Park ♥)
      This was an unplanned trip, which only happened because I was free for a day during my recent visit to Bengaluru. 

Inside Butterfly Park - Conservatory dome
      Since I didn't have company, I decided to make it a solo trip and enjoy the day. And because I was traveling alone, I decided to go eco-friendly and use the public transport. From the place where I was staying in Bangalore, I had to take two buses to reach Bannerghatta national park. 

      Bus V-500CA from Kadubeesanahalli to Jayadeva hospital and from there bus 365 to Bannerghatta national park. Google was a huge help from which I learnt the bus numbers and the route. 

      The bus service dropped me exactly in front of the National park entry. Since I had all day long, I decided to take the safari ride into the reserve and also visit the butterfly park and the zoo.  Fare was reasonable which came to a total of 400 INR including the fee for my camera.

      And thus the day began at the Bannerghatta national park. 

      I decided to go for the safari first. I had opted for a non-AC van so that I can take photos without the glare of the sun on the window pane. Both the driver and the conductor of the van were fluent in quite a few languages. But since most of us were Tamils in that van, he started explaining in Tamil. 

      Since I was the only one traveling alone, the conductor gave his front seat and I was on cloud nine; I had an uninterrupted view in the front and ample space at the side to poke my camera outside and take photos. They were friendly enough to take a couple of photos for me and answer all of our questions. 

Safari ride
      Into our safari, the first animals we encountered were a bunch of spotted deer. The children were excited and I managed to click a couple of photos.

      Then we reached a watering hole where a group of elephants were relaxing. It was fun to watch the baby elephants playing with each other and roaming around. One little elephant was even brave enough to get away from the group and enjoying on its own.

      Next we entered the closed enclosures, the first of which was the bear enclosure. There are around 70 bears there and we saw around 15 of them in groups of 4-5 lazing around. It was fun to watch them at close quarters, hairy giants with sharp claws.

      Then we went to the lion enclosure and we were lucky to get a glimpse of a few relaxing near the road. Few were asleep and one was licking & grooming itself and the safari waited long enough so that we could take videos. 

      Next was the tiger enclosure and all of the tigers were at the place where food was provided for them. Such majestic animals, they were happily walking around the meal area.

      We also saw 2 white tigers but they were so far away and were sleeping. Wish I saw them at close quarters, they were so beautiful.

      And with that the safari came to an end and we were dropped off at the entrance of the butterfly park. It had a beautifully decorated selfie point at the entrance and a short walk to the conservatory dome. 

Walk to the Butterfly Conservatory dome

      The exhibit featured a lot of information about butterflies, their habitat, life cycle and such. They also had some preserved specimens of butterflies which were amazing.

      The dome itself was a peaceful area where I spent an hour roaming around watching butterflies flying around, taking photos of them and some pretty flowers too.

      I even found a red eared slider lazing on a rock in a man made pond inside the dome.

      Finally it was time to leave the butterfly park and I was getting hungry too. I entered the zoo which has a restaurant inside. I decided to have my lunch and enjoyed yummy chicken tikka since I didn't want anything heavy before roaming around the zoo.

      The restaurant had some beautiful murals and wood works related to the forest.

      After my lunch I entered the zoo. But to be frank, I loved watching the animals in the open rather than them caged inside. 

      I must say I was fascinated by the leopard. It was so stunningly beautiful and it was elegant even while walking around inside the enclosure.

      There were a few monkeys out in the open playing with each other, hopping on the branches and warily watching the humans.

      I was getting tired and thirsty, so I decided to wrap things up and rushed through the reptile area and the aviary without much photos.

      It was a day well spent, enjoying the solitude. I do love traveling with a bunch of people but I must say, it is fun when I travel alone since I don't have to stick to any schedules and do things as I please and when I want.

      Now, coming to the end of this travelogue, I hope I inspired at least a few to put on your traveling shoes, to get out and explore, to have fun. Go on solo travels, meet someone new, make friends, live your life..!!
Have a great day. 

♥♥ Dream, Create, Inspire ♥♥
Thank you so much for your visits & comments, they mean a lot to me ♥

21 October 2018

Power of Photoshop

 The power of Photoshop!!

Final image post processing

     This is how my photo looked before all that editing. So without stalling, lets get to how it all started.

     This was a photo I took a long time back, when I didn't know anything about a DSLR. So I just clicked with whatever setting was in that camera (it wasn't mine).
     The shot was was kinda over exposed with the sky being too flat & colorless for my liking :( 
     So I never even looked twice at this photo. 
     Recently I wanted to try some new methods in Ps using gradients, dodge & burn, smudging, color look up & what not.
     So comes this photo; the sky was a total washout, couldn't salvage anything even though the image was shot in raw.
     So I googled for some good sunset shots & found an awesome one. But the foreground in my original shot was too bright & the hue was not matching with the colorful sky. So played again with hues & contrast in the foreground. 
     It isn't a perfect finish, an experienced eye could spot a truck load of mistakes in my editing. But I kinda lost my patience to do all the finishing touches. 
     I think it came out alright for my first try with all these. Phew, who knew there was so much I could do in Photoshop.
     Well, as the saying goes, what I learnt right now is just a handful.
     Gotta keep learning. Days well spent with a constant dose of learning; medicine, photography, editing, illustration, craft & lots more. 
     So much to learn. So little time....

Original clouds photo from a "Wallpapers site"

     P.S. I don't do these kinda edits in my photos. And I don't ask for Google's help either!! This is all just for fun.