5 June 2015

Cheers ~ My first quilling experience!!

       I am juggling between various types of craft for the past few days!! And today it's a quilling card.

       Though I got fond of quilling the very first time I saw that, I never tried my hand at it. This is my first time trying to play with those colorful strips of paper & I must say it's both incredibly fun and easy, though it tests your patience at times!!

       This particular card took around 2 hours to finish & I must say I love it.
Sorry guys, no step-by-step photos because I was too engrossed in it & forgot to take photos!!

Those wavy shadows are beautiful!!

Here are some close-up shots 

My first quilling card 

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4 June 2015

Fly High, Touch the Sky..!!!

           Today I am here to share with you a mixed media art I did today. This is the first time I am working with watercolors over a large area (A4 size watercolor sheet!) & though it was fun, I need to refine my technique a lot. 

           Did this as a Monochromatic work for the Mixed Media Mojo June art challenge. Oops, the sun rays I painted from the top right corner are almost invisible!!
           Got inspired by this quote
"Your wings already exist, All you have to do is FLY!"

           The flowers were from an artwork I saw online ages ago & the butterfly girl is my imagination!!

           So I started with a rough pencil sketch of the flowers, added watercolors & added salt to the background to create a splotchy effect.

           Then I drew the butterfly/girl & coloured that too.

           Then went on to draw the outline for everything using my Pilot V5 0.5 black pen.

           Added some texture paste to the right side of the sheet because I felt it was kinda emptier compared to the rest!!

           And finally wrote the words using my Pilot pen & then used watercolor with my fingers to create an uneven border.
           Here we go.....

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2 June 2015

Dreams are Forever....

             I am back & this time I got something crafty. Though I was always interested in art & craft, in the midst of my busy schooling, college days and work I never had time to pursue my dreams!!
It was so late that I realized what I had been missing out in my life, "The passion of Creativity!! Pursuing what i love!! Finding time to Innovate!!"

       But alas, better late than never & here I am with a card after a long long time!!
       Since my pet name was Tinker Bell at school, I thought I would do something related to that.

LAUGHTER is timeless..
IMAGINATION has no age..
DREAMS are forever..

       Something that clearly portrays my present state of mind.

       So here, I started with a drawing of Tinker Bell. Then I added some tidbits & the quote!!

       And I just coloured it up like a silhouette to bring out the contrast with the background.

       Added some embellishments along the border & the crown.

       Hehe, I love the way those sequins reflect the light!

       Then I though it looks kinda plain & so added some colour to it by replacing the quote on coloured strips. And used water color on the background.

       Finally I added a bow & a flower to give some 3D touch & hurray ~ I made it. 

       It isn't great but I am happy happy, that I am back into cratfs :):).

Materials Used:
Card stock.
Black pen.
Glitters - 3D.
Satin rope.
Water colors.

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