24 July 2015

No-Line Coloring ♥♥

       I had absolutely no idea how this card was gonna come up when I started painting with Memento Danube blue for the sky. Then I added some ColorBox light green pigment ink at the bottom & let both encroach each other on its own!!

       Created some clouds with the blue ink again. Then went ahead and thought, "Let's paint a tree!!" & painted the tree trunk using Memento Potters clay.
       Used Memento Bamboo Leaves & ColorBox light green for the foliage of the tree. 

       I was left with a lonely tree on the card. To add some friendly grasses to give him company I put to use the tear drop shaped ink pad of Memento Bamboo Leaves. Holding it at an angle I just smooched the pad to the card stock to get those leaf blades.
       And I was so happy with that improvisation. 
       Finally added the sentiments & some leaves to complete the Happy Picture :) :) 

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