2 June 2015

Dreams are Forever....

             I am back & this time I got something crafty. Though I was always interested in art & craft, in the midst of my busy schooling, college days and work I never had time to pursue my dreams!!
It was so late that I realized what I had been missing out in my life, "The passion of Creativity!! Pursuing what i love!! Finding time to Innovate!!"

       But alas, better late than never & here I am with a card after a long long time!!
       Since my pet name was Tinker Bell at school, I thought I would do something related to that.

LAUGHTER is timeless..
IMAGINATION has no age..
DREAMS are forever..

       Something that clearly portrays my present state of mind.

       So here, I started with a drawing of Tinker Bell. Then I added some tidbits & the quote!!

       And I just coloured it up like a silhouette to bring out the contrast with the background.

       Added some embellishments along the border & the crown.

       Hehe, I love the way those sequins reflect the light!

       Then I though it looks kinda plain & so added some colour to it by replacing the quote on coloured strips. And used water color on the background.

       Finally I added a bow & a flower to give some 3D touch & hurray ~ I made it. 

       It isn't great but I am happy happy, that I am back into cratfs :):).

Materials Used:
Card stock.
Black pen.
Glitters - 3D.
Satin rope.
Water colors.

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