19 August 2013

Me & My Blog..

I am Pon Malar to everyone,,, Blossom, Goldy, Pons, Malar, Tinky to My Friends,,, an Enigma to some,,, Troublesome for most.!!
A Doctor by Profession, Photographer by Passion.
Lots to say about me but it will be kinda boring, so I guess I will keep it short. I love photography, and I go shooting like crazy. Other hobbies may be gardening, reading, pencil sketching,,.... I keep meddling with almost everything that I dunno what are my hobbies, really. I love being alone at night & listening to music. I love chocolates & ice cream. Well my parents will like to say, I eat almost everything that is edible.!!
About my profession,, though I didn't choose it myself I think I am falling in love with being a Doctor. There were moments of extreme happiness, like When a women said we are like God for them, When a little girl gave me a chocolate for curing her, When an old man said I will make a good Doctor. I never believed I was meant to be a Doctor, but these moments changed my belief.
I don't believe in ghosts, superstitions & other scary stuff. In fact I love watching horror movies. Not scared of snakes n such but these teeny tiny flying insects scare me a lot.
I can get a lot moody sometimes, but that is just part of the package deal. I mean one can't be happy always right.?!
Some call me naughty & playful, Some call me irritating. And there are people who hate me,, but I just don't want to care about that. After all. Life is too short for worries, eh..??
Well coming to this blog, Its going to be about the things that are part of my life. My passions, my dreams, my friends, my crazy thoughts & silly ramblings. Thats just about everything. So whether you like it or not you are gonna be stuck with me & you better learn to love it.
So lets keep rocking, be happy & enjoy what you do..........

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