26 October 2020

Photo Story 4

      What you are is a reflection of your inner self 

      This was during a road trip with my parents, a 3 hours trip going through villages around Tirunelveli, India. Took this photo in a pond by the side of a busy road connecting two towns. 
      We were on the way home when I saw a pond filled with beautiful water lilies. And I just had to click some.
So we stopped our car farther down the road under a tree and I walked back to the pond. It was a scorching day, the sun mercilessly shining down.
      And there I was with my camera, no coolers, no hat and trying to get a good angle for my shot. As usual I got some weird glances from the people passing by. 
      I was shooting at the lowest ISO and still the shots were a bit overexposed. I don't have any filters. And happy that Photoshop could salvage things from Raw.
     It is really a happy feeling when you can get a good shot despite the conditions being so poor. 

Image Details:

Shot on Nikon D750 with 24-120mm zoom lens.
Focal length 112mm
Shutter speed 1/1000 sec
Aperture f/4
ISO 100

For a full screen view, please check my Flicker Page.

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