21 October 2018

Power of Photoshop

 The power of Photoshop!!

Final image post processing

     This is how my photo looked before all that editing. So without stalling, lets get to how it all started.

     This was a photo I took a long time back, when I didn't know anything about a DSLR. So I just clicked with whatever setting was in that camera (it wasn't mine).
     The shot was was kinda over exposed with the sky being too flat & colorless for my liking :( 
     So I never even looked twice at this photo. 
     Recently I wanted to try some new methods in Ps using gradients, dodge & burn, smudging, color look up & what not.
     So comes this photo; the sky was a total washout, couldn't salvage anything even though the image was shot in raw.
     So I googled for some good sunset shots & found an awesome one. But the foreground in my original shot was too bright & the hue was not matching with the colorful sky. So played again with hues & contrast in the foreground. 
     It isn't a perfect finish, an experienced eye could spot a truck load of mistakes in my editing. But I kinda lost my patience to do all the finishing touches. 
     I think it came out alright for my first try with all these. Phew, who knew there was so much I could do in Photoshop.
     Well, as the saying goes, what I learnt right now is just a handful.
     Gotta keep learning. Days well spent with a constant dose of learning; medicine, photography, editing, illustration, craft & lots more. 
     So much to learn. So little time....

Original clouds photo from a "Wallpapers site"

     P.S. I don't do these kinda edits in my photos. And I don't ask for Google's help either!! This is all just for fun.


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