2 June 2015

Dreams are Forever....

             I am back & this time I got something crafty. Though I was always interested in art & craft, in the midst of my busy schooling, college days and work I never had time to pursue my dreams!!
It was so late that I realized what I had been missing out in my life, "The passion of Creativity!! Pursuing what i love!! Finding time to Innovate!!"

       But alas, better late than never & here I am with a card after a long long time!!
       Since my pet name was Tinker Bell at school, I thought I would do something related to that.

LAUGHTER is timeless..
IMAGINATION has no age..
DREAMS are forever..

       Something that clearly portrays my present state of mind.

       So here, I started with a drawing of Tinker Bell. Then I added some tidbits & the quote!!

       And I just coloured it up like a silhouette to bring out the contrast with the background.

       Added some embellishments along the border & the crown.

       Hehe, I love the way those sequins reflect the light!

       Then I though it looks kinda plain & so added some colour to it by replacing the quote on coloured strips. And used water color on the background.

       Finally I added a bow & a flower to give some 3D touch & hurray ~ I made it. 

       It isn't great but I am happy happy, that I am back into cratfs :):).

Materials Used:
Card stock.
Black pen.
Glitters - 3D.
Satin rope.
Water colors.

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  1. I think this turned out so beautifully! It was really fun to see your creative process and I liked how you explained why you added what you did and how your thinking went. It was amazing to see this creation come to life and I like every innovation you made as you went along. I also like what you said about how important it is to pursue your dreams. I'm so glad you were able to "find your roots" and get your soul back on its creative path. This is a wonderful project and I feel so inspired by it. Thanks for sharing your work and your story with us here at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea Ockey Parr for your lovely kind words. I'm glad you like my card & like you said I am soooo happy that I am back on the creative path. Viewing your blog & so many others, seeing all those challenges, the creative efforts of others,, everything kinda made me realize what I am missing!! I might be busy with hospital rounds, patients & clinic hours but I realized I gotta spend some time to craft & create too. Happy to be a part of your challenges & I will make sure to participate lots :)